J.A. Kerr on Marketing Newly Released Book The Braille Club: A Marathon not a sprint!

Happy St Andrews Day!scottish flag

Fàilte! Welcome!
Welcome to my blog, today is St Andrews Day in Scotland.

My Week .

This is a week of firsts for me!

First time I’ve published a book in Amazon, Nook and Kobo and The Braille Club is sparkling on their bookshelves, so be sure to check out this little gem. I found formatting very frustrating and there were times I definitely had to lie in a darkened room, either that or kick my computer.

First time I’ve posted on this blog.

First time I’ve been asked to sign my book.

First time I’ve had to market anything and it’s so much harder than you think! I’m not a social media animal and I’ve been on a steep learning curve. I’ve had to read up on twitter, face book, tumblr and pinterest and its amazing how we communicate nowadays. Its official I’m a dinosaur… in training. Would love any help with social media, what works best for reaching my readers, the do’s and don’ts… etc

First time I’ve spent more time writing about myself instead of about my book characters… speaking of which I need to get going The Braille Club II is taking shape nicely but it won’t write itself.

Can I say that Dyslexia runs throughout my family, although not officially diagnosed I struggle with spelling and sentence structure so please bare with me x