J.A. Kerr on Marketing Newly Released Book The Braille Club: A Marathon not a Sprint!

Well today has been another steep learning curve as I navigate my way through website after website to gain inspiration on the  burning issue of HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY MARKET MY BOOK!

This morning was spent oohing and aahing over my business cards, they look great. I will be distributing them around family and friends as word of mouth is an author’s friend as well as a powerful marketing tool. My mum had told all her friends which was fantastic… until she realised she’d given them the wrong pen name. I’m hoping the business cards will solve any further confusion and act as a gentle reminder, should someone be interested enough to buy.

I bumped into an editor on a night out in Glasgow and I always be grateful for his advice. I confided I was worried about the punctuation and the paragraph structure of my book when he said ” It’s always about the story… good punctuation is important but if the story is fantastic the rest will follow.”

It was great advise, I think as a writer you can sometimes get hung up on these details but that became my mission statement: “Its always about the story, if it’s fantastic the rest will follow.”

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