The Braille Club, Standing Out From The Crowd…. Is It Mission Impossible?

Braille Balloons

Question: How to you stand out in a crowd?

Answer: Wear a bright colour?

I do think in this day and age, people really do judge a book by its cover. I think my cover is good but is it colourful enough? The answer is, without a doubt, no. Should I sacrifice my cover and change it to something more garish to stand out?

I remember when I worked as a recruitment consultant and my eyes were drawn , to a bright yellow CV, clever I thought. Just it’s colour made it stand out amongst the mountain of white and cream before me. It jumped the queue, and I read it first before the others. I never forgot this simple trick. So my book cover is under review. The competition on Amazon is overwhelming, the market is saturated with books both good and bad. Readers are no longer (myself included) able to find good books because quite simply there are so many to choose from.

As an avid reader, I’m not drawn to free books or reduced price books but books that tell an unusual story. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bargain like anyone else but with books its more of an emotional investment, as opposed to a financial one. I want to fall in love with the book I buy, and who wants a cheap date? Not me.

I want readers to fall in love with The Braille Club and many have, but if I have to change the look of my book cover to get attention then so be it…

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