Finding your author USP…

I have often read books that have similar themes, plots and characters, but the story is unique. Somewhere in the storyline, the author has grabbed my attention. How? Sometimes it’s the mood of the book. I remember reading Of Mice and Men and feeling uneasy from the first page. I was aware. Steinbeck had planted a seed of unease in my mind right from the beginning. How did he do that? Through his expressive and clever storytelling where my unease went to worry and back to unease then to alarm and finally to great sadness. The suspense he built throughout the story, made me both want and dread, each page that I turned. The story was short but poignant. For me, Steinbeck’s USP was the art of suspense.

In my writing, I hope I have mastered the essence of  suspense as I lead my reader to the climax in The Braille Club. I feel it does have a USP in an extremely crowded market. There is simply nowhere else like it. The Braille Club and the ideas behind it… are unique. However as a debut novel, I feel I can continue to learn and improve. There are four books in the series and I intend to hone my craft.combo 4






The Braille Club Secrets…

I am currently working on my third book, The Braille Club Undone, and I’m over half way now. My first book, The Braille Club is all about a secret club based in London. The members are called KeyHolders. They will embark on a journey that not only stimulates their senses…but sharpens them. This is a little test. I want you to close your eyes and run your fingertips over the palm of your hand, again and again. Your body tells you, what your eyes cannot. The Braille Club is all about stimulating your senses in a very unique way.

KeyHolders must wear a blindfold and a special sensory suit that clings to their bodies like a second skin. Remember our earlier test…now imagine that all over your body.

BC blindfold girl