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Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance  J.A. Kerr

Hi there!

When I set out to write my books, I wanted to create something that mirrored the kind of books I like to read. My choices  are always unique, featuring strong male and female protagonists with attitude. I can’t tell you how many readers have commented how they were gripped by the originality of the Braille Club. The Braille Club Series has a great blend of genres. Although sensuality plays a big part, with some Oh La La scenes there is also intrigue and a touch of thriller. I’m a dreamer, writer, wine drinker and not always in that order. With the publication of my books, I realized my ultimate dream of becoming a writer. This has been a rollercoaster ride with lots of highs and lows but I loved every second. My next adventure is into script writing where I hope to transform my book into a drama series. I love to connect. Be sure to drop by FB page or sign up to my mailing list through my website for giveaways, secret chapters, and upcoming events.

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Erotic Romance 

S. Valentine grew up in England. Studying English language and literature as well

Erotic Romance S. Valentine

as law, she worked in a solicitors for many years before moving to Spain. She does however still visit the UK, which in a way, will always be home.Returning to her lifelong passion of writing books, she’s also a weekly columnist for The Ibizan newspaper on: lifestyle and fashion. Her other interests include reading, shopping and a nice glass of wine to shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter, Gossip Girl and SATC. She’s a social media addict and loves connecting with new people.

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Romance Crime  

Carolyn LaRoche grew up in snow country but fled the cold and ice several years ago.

Carolyn LaRoche Author picture
Contemporary Romance  J.A. Kerr

She now lives near the beach with her husband, their two boys, two finicky cats and one old dog. When she is not at the baseball field cheering on big hits and home runs, she is busy teaching science to unwilling teenagers.


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Twitter: @CarolynLaRoche


Romance Suspense

Kat Shehata

Kat Shehata’s first career involved caring for exotic, dangerous, and adorable animals as a

Kat head
Romantic Suspense           Kat Shehata

zookeeper. As an author, Kat weaves her love of animals into her work. She is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling children’s book Animals on the Other Side written with Sylvia Browne.

She is an avid tennis player and spends her free time playing matches in a recreational league in Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Wilmington College, a professional writing certificate from the University of Cincinnati, and a master’s degree in creative writing from Spalding University.

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Natalina Bell

Natalina wrote her first romance in collaboration with her best friend at the age of 13.

Me300 (1)
Natalina Bell           Romantic Suspense


Since then she has ventured into other genres, but romance is first and foremost in almost everything she writes.

After earning a degree in tourism and foreign languages, she worked as a tourist guide in her native Portugal for a short time before moving to the United States. She lived in three continents and a few islands, and her knack for languages and linguistics led her to a master’s degree in education. She lives in Virginia where she has taught English as a Second Language to elementary school children for more years than she cares to admit.

Natalina doesn’t believe you can have too many books or too much coffee. Art and dance make her happy and she is pretty sure she could survive on lobster and bananas alone. When she is not writing or stressing over lesson plans, she shares her life with her husband and two adult sons.

Nataline Bell Romantic Suspense



Jane Hunt

‘Writing has touched my life in every decade. At fifty, I took a risk and made writing my

Romantic Suspense Jane Hunt

made writing my career, fulfilling a lifetime ambition.’

I enjoy writing blogs, book reviews and especially stories. Vivid imagery, atmospheric settings, strong females and sensual males are essential for my stories. Everyday life and ordinary people inspire me. How would someone react, if faced with something extraordinary?  A thread of romance runs through my all my books, whether they be suspense, fantasy or historical.

I want to let my readers escape their lives for a while, experience new places, new people and most importantly, new emotional lows and highs My favorite parts of the writing process are; finding a person, event or place that makes me want to write a story about it and the writing itself; when your fingers cannot type fast enough, to transcribe your thoughts.

Family is very important to me. My two children are my greatest achievement to date.
I am an animal welfare supporter and regularly use social media to promote animal welfare issues.

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Adult Paranormal Romance 

 Anne Berkeley

Hi! My name is Anne Berkeley. I’m a full time cubicle dweller, wife and mother of two

Adult Paranormal Romance                Anne Berkeley

beautiful children. I do all things creative. Photoshop, photography, scrapbooking, decorating, barbering, and I would like to think…writing.
I dream up most of my material during my seventy-five minute commute to work and home again. Some of it comes to fruition and other times it’s edited out again. But I hope that what made the cut is worthy of note.

I write paranormal romance novels for adults. No not erotica. Though there are some steamy scenes. I’m working on several novels at the present. Yes, more than one. I jump back and forth as my mood dictates. It’s the way I work best. Tempestuous, my first novel, released in 2012, Torrid in 2013 and Feral, the first of a new series in 2013. I’m working to complete Turbulent (Third and final novel for the Tempestuous series), a second novel for the Feral series, and two standalone novels. And yes, I work full time too, so please have patience, my plate is full.

In short, that’s me. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. The links are below. And if you enjoyed my book, it would be appreciated immensely if you would consider leaving a review, or better yet, tell your friends and family.








 Tracy Kincaid

Tracy Kincaid is a native Southern California girl who recently transplanted to South

Historical Romance  Tracy Kincaid

Western Pennsylvania. A wife and mother of three. When she is not writing you can find her reading or crafting. She enjoys the outdoors, whether it be working in the garden or hanging out with family and friends.
“Changing Lives” is her debut novel.

Freeing Lost Souls

Sarah Finny is an artist who prides herself on being a free spirit. Her job sends her to Gettysburg, where she discovers a powerful connection to the legendary battlefield. While exploring the historical landmark, Sarah comes upon park guide, Bruce Wilks who has injured his leg. After offering to help him, Sarah develops an unexpected attraction toward Bruce, which threatens her heart as well as, her cherished nomadic way of life.   A powerful and mysterious entity brings them together hoping to enlist Sarah and Bruce in finding his own long-lost love and, thereby, freeing lost souls.





Understanding Genres…


author logo

Is it just me or does romance have every genre under the sun? I write Contemporary Romance. How would I describe Contemporary Romance? Let’s look at the word Contemporary…what does it conjure up in your mind? Modern, stylish, risky and non-conformist are some of the words that spring to mind. When I look at a contemporary building, I see a structure, that wants to stand out from the crowd. I see a design that wants to be recognized as modern, sleek and cutting edge. Now I apply those descriptions to my book and I know it is a good fit. Contemporary is exactly the genre my book belongs in.

My book has been described and I quote, “Categorizing this book is impossible. It certainly isn’t erotica, it isn’t that explicit and focuses on relationships rather than sex. It isn’t a traditional romance as those focus on a single couple with a Happy Ever After. Although sensuality plays a big part, there is also intrigue and a touch of thriller.”

Yes, all of the above describe my book. There are oh la la scenes in my book which are erotic but it is not solely an erotic romance. I have three different stories with three different endings so not your traditional romance. I have a twist at the end that is definitely thriller material. So far I’m in at least three categories.

The  romance genre is complex. Rockstar, Military, Mafia, Sport, Erotica, Sweet, Suspense, Young Adult, Paranormal…the list gets longer every day. Does the reader really delve that deeply, into what they want in a romance? Well if they do they make feel overwhelmed. I know I do.

My book isn’t designed to fit into a specific category of romance because it is different. A square peg in a round hole. Neither traditional nor conformist. Take Damien Hirst a contemporary artist. Does he try to categorize his work? No. He expects people to understand contemporary has different forms and expressions open to interpretation.

I think as an author, I can trust my readers to make their own decisions on a genre. What does romance mean to you?

I’m not a big fan of boy meets girl, boy wants to date the girl, girl plays hard to get, a struggle ensues, girl gives in, happy ever after or vise versa.

I want more. I want a good plot. I want to have characters I fall in love with. I want a plot that keeps me guessing. If I was goverened by listings, I would never have read Twilight (officially Young Adult), a genre that I rarely read. I understand there must be guidlines on content,  18+ should be stated clearly, but all these subcategories are confusing.

If we stripe romance back, a love story is the common theme but thereafter a storyline can become very diverse. So I’m asking, do not judge a book by it’s listing alone, but by its content. Amazon has preview samples  available free to your kindle or kindle app for every ebook on its database. I know the genre Contemporary Romance seems vague but to me, it means a standout out, modern, stylish and daring love story. Why not try it and discover…not all romance is the same.


Why I’m Becoming Addicted to Audio Books!

Audio book
I think the book world is about to change again, with more and more people switching to audio books. Audio books are bringing fiction alive. Some of the advantages of listening to an audio book.

  1. You can multi-task- I often listen to my audio book while cooking, gardening, and other mundane chores. The time goes quickly as I get lost in the book.
  2. The story comes to life in your mind. The characters  are given a voice. The talented narrators change with each character and their voices are easy on the ear.
  3. Swedish books which I love, I now select on audio. I can hear the correct pronunciation for street names and areas which I normally struggle with.
  4. Your library often offers a free audio book service, mine does and I use it daily.
  5. Reading has never been more accessible. No need to buy an e-reader. Most phones are compatible with audio online software. We’ve all got phones (God forbid we miss a post or text), they’re ideal. Completely portable,  you select and download. Plug in your earphones and you’re off.

Script Writing and Why Television Needs New Writers

I have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of original stories being made for television. I’ve read some fantastic books that would  easily adapt, and yet they remain in the crowded market of literature. Of course, they are in esteemed company, but I wonder why we are seeing so many run of the television dramas. Is it because this is an established recipe, whilst not guaranteed to excite will provide essential nutrients?

Maybe I’m being greedy but I want more. I watched the drama, Happy Valley. In my opinion, it was superb television and others thought so too. It won awards and rightly so. I was gripped by Dr Foster although the idea wasn’t new, the format was. These jewels are few and far between. The industry needs new drama writers. Why is it the industry will bend over backward for comedy, and not for drama. Don’t get me wrong. I love comedy but I don’t remember it. Whereas a gripping drama leaves a deep impression.

This led me to looking at my own work. Comments like it would make a great film/drama series, got me thinking. Our country imports many drama serials, and tastes are wide and varied. I wouldn’t want that to stop but  I feel there is a need for fresh and orginal storylines. So I’ve started my script. I’m not sure what I’m doing but I know I will learn. I’m determined to bring some excitment back to our screesn . The Braille Club script is underway.


Fellow Author S Valentine’s Cover Reveal

HIS CONFESSION by S. Valentine
The Black Door Trilogy, #1
GENRE: Erotic romance.
RELEASE DATE: 16/02/16
PUBLISHER: Limitless Publishing
COVER DESIGNER: TOJ Publishing Services
When Gabriella Woods finds matches from a gentlemen’s club in her fiancé’s pocket, her suspicions require a search for answers.
At the club, she realizes it’s not her fiancé’s fidelity that can’t be trusted…
It’s her own.
Darion Milano is daring, intriguing, and unpredictable…
Unable to get him out of her head—and against Darion’s explicit warning—


Gabi begins a torrid affair. No longer fighting the urge to enter the depth of his dark and mysterious lifestyle, she indulges in his most intimate desires.
They become the most exciting, wild, infatuated couple everybody knows.
Until his confession changes everything…
Her heart is telling her to stay.
Her instinct is telling her to run.
She can never match his outrageous ex-wife and become the fun, fearless woman he craves…
Or can she?
Discover a world of sex, secrets, and seduction.



“His Confession was a surprisingly engaging read with believable characters who were easy to connect with.It dealt with subjects a little different to what I’m used to, but the author did a great job of pulling me into her world.” – Mia Hoddell, YA/NA author.
”His Confession pulled me through from the first paragraph! The enigmatic Darion practically leapt off the pages and I could picture his every move and facial expression clear as day in my head! This story is definitely one to add to your “want-to-read” list-especially if you love a captivating plot as well as scenes so hot that they fog up your glasses. I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for future readers but DARION and GABI put Christian and Ana to SHAME! Enough said. LOL.” – Kiarra M. Taylor, contemporary romance author of THE QUARTER CHANGE.
”I loved it and I’m excited to read more to find out what happens. Darion is a great guy who was hurt badly and doesn’t know how to handle, which in steps Gabi. Love love love her! Hopefully she fights for him! When does the next book come out, as I’m dying to know what comes next! I also hope the girls get their own stories.” – Susan Flynn, Beta reader Writers club.
”S. Valentine does an exquisite job at creating a dynamic between two characters, both from different worlds, that goes beyond a physical attraction. His Confession is book one in The Black Door Trilogy. It is a fast paced story that is full of hotness and anticipation that heats you up from your head to your toes. Gabi, is tired of always playing it safe. Darion, has demons that he can no longer control. When these two get together, boundaries are pushed, control is tested and emotions run wild.” – AV. Scott, author of High Heels & New York.
“A brilliant book which leaves you wondering what happened in Darion’s past that has left him so wary and so afraid to put himself and his heart out there not to mention to put his faith and trust in Gabi, the one woman whose managed to penetrate the walls he’s built. I can’t wait for book 2 and I’m hoping that Darion and Gabi can overcome the obstacles that stand in front of them, including Eva, Darion’s ex wife.” – Rebecca Barber, author Nobody’s Obligation.



S. Valentine grew up in England. Studying English language and literature, as well as law, she worked in a solicitors for many years before moving to Spain. She does however still visit the UK, which in a way, will always be home.
Returning to her lifelong passion of writing books, she’s also a weekly columnist for The Ibizan newspaper on: lifestyle and fashion. Her other interests include reading, shopping and a nice glass of wine. She’s a social media addict, and loves connecting with new people.
For more information, please visit: If you join her newsletter, you will be the first to receive sneak peeks of chapters, teasers, news, giveaway prizes and more!
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Building Your Author Brand…

You’ve slaved over your keyboard, your eyes are blurred from editing and your creative juices have run dry. However, you are at the very start of your journey. Author branding will be your biggest and most important challenge and you should start building it immediately.

“My book is amazing it will sell itself…” is both naive and passive. I’m afraid you are the CEO of your book and you must build your brand like any company, through hard work and kindness. The reason I mention kindness as it appears, particularly in the world of writing, to be underrated.  If a fellow author is kind enough to retweet your book, reciprocate with theirs. If a blogger is kind enough to post your Cover Reveal then thank them…and mean it. Using manners, kindness and helping your fellow authors will only help build your author brand, not  hinder. As they say, “it’s not what you get in life that counts, it’s what you give…”

Combo 49

Writing outwith your comfort zone…

12308274_191757731163599_1777885750739851470_nI must admit I’m never certain where my writing will take me next. However, my latest chapter has me entering the taboo world of BDSM. Well…just peeking really. Firstly, I didn’t even know what BDSM meant. A google search later, and it stands for Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism. Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful, I can see why it’s abbreviated. My character Guy is interested in this element for the new Stoicum Zone in the Braille Club. Aptly named because Stoicum is Latin, and by definition means seemingly indifferent to, or unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive. This will not be like anything else out there. The Braille Club Zones and experiences are unique, which leads me to several different issues. The Braille Club has three commandments contained within the Braille Bible…IMG_0405 (1)

1.Thou Shall Not See.  2.Thou Shall Not Speak.  3. Thou Shall Not Tell.

So a safe word is not an option. There are no whips, clamps, or plugs. The Braille Club zones have always been about endurance, and the Stoicum Zone will add a new dimension. I need to find a way to incorporate these elements seamlessly  into my storyline, and I can’t wait to get writing.