Why Writing Doesn’t Always Come Easy!

Braille CYEI hate the expression writers block. My writing is never blocked as such but sometimes my ideas’s aren’t fully formed. As an author, I want to give my readers the best experience and I have three/four different stories running through my books. That means being inventive which each character…and several different endings.  Three separate endings was a challenge in my first book but I enjoyed testing myself.

I decided that I would keep this format for my second book and had to go with the flow in terms of how my idea’s developed for each story.  This meant writing on a very stop/start basis. If I was on one storyline, then I’d often get an idea for another character and jump to that, thus stopping my current train of thought argh….

I now map out my chapters and try to write in sequence. This has given me more focus and I can develop a storyline more fluently.

When an idea first comes to me I don’t rush to write it down anymore. If  it grows in my head I know it’s a keeper but if it fades…then I’ll move on. The ideas I have are all stories or characters or endings. I don’t write them down but let my imagination feed them.  All writers rely on their imagination and I need to feed mine constantly through books, film, and theater. With an enriched imagination, my writing can only benefit.

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