Building Your Author Brand…

You’ve slaved over your keyboard, your eyes are blurred from editing and your creative juices have run dry. However, you are at the very start of your journey. Author branding will be your biggest and most important challenge and you should start building it immediately.

“My book is amazing it will sell itself…” is both naive and passive. I’m afraid you are the CEO of your book and you must build your brand like any company, through hard work and kindness. The reason I mention kindness as it appears, particularly in the world of writing, to be underrated.  If a fellow author is kind enough to retweet your book, reciprocate with theirs. If a blogger is kind enough to post your Cover Reveal then thank them…and mean it. Using manners, kindness and helping your fellow authors will only help build your author brand, not  hinder. As they say, “it’s not what you get in life that counts, it’s what you give…”

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