Why I’m Becoming Addicted to Audio Books!

Audio book
I think the book world is about to change again, with more and more people switching to audio books. Audio books are bringing fiction alive. Some of the advantages of listening to an audio book.

  1. You can multi-task- I often listen to my audio book while cooking, gardening, and other mundane chores. The time goes quickly as I get lost in the book.
  2. The story comes to life in your mind. The characters  are given a voice. The talented narrators change with each character and their voices are easy on the ear.
  3. Swedish books which I love, I now select on audio. I can hear the correct pronunciation for street names and areas which I normally struggle with.
  4. Your library often offers a free audio book service, mine does and I use it daily.
  5. Reading has never been more accessible. No need to buy an e-reader. Most phones are compatible with audio online software. We’ve all got phones (God forbid we miss a post or text), they’re ideal. Completely portable,  you select and download. Plug in your earphones and you’re off.

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