Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Marketing, Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Marketing!

social mediaAs an author it’s not enough to write a book (if only) and it’s not enough to write a good book (I just can’t get a break here) because it all comes down to marketing, in an industry where social marketing is key…or is it?

I ‘d like to connect with readers but I find that happens rarely. I do however get lots of connections from people who promise to help sell my book (for a price), who can get me more twitter follower (for a price) and my personal favourite who will write a review (yep you guessed it for a price) and this is just from twitter.

Don’t get me started on Facebook…lots of messages from guys wanting to connect but not with my books 😦

Instagram and instantly forget. My life is boring, no nude selfies kim (believe me…that’s for everyone’s benefit) or amazing make-up, (we all know mirrors don’t lie, I’m just grateful they don’t laugh) or artsy landscapes (my thumb appears in almost all my pic’s) so another dead end in terms of marketing.

Pinterest, Google + LinkedIn (guilty of not making the time to build these platforms) but still unsure they sell books.

So what does? In my opinion media exposure. People talking about your book or talking to you as an author about your work? Good old fashioned word of mouth because although my dreams have been realized by publishing my books…I really want them to sell too. In order to sell them, I need media support. My local newspaper did a wonderful job and my sales did spike as a result but I need national coverage. So my plan is simple leave no stone unturned in the media industry to get noticed. Magazine, newspaper, television or radio watch out, I have you in my sights…Press story

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