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The Braille Club Unbound Kindle Edition by J.A. Kerr is off to a great start with the reminder of where Book 1 left off and a brief intro into Harrison’s, the club Siena and Benedict had opened, with the secret “exclusive” Braille Club. The writing is tight and immediately propels the reader into the story with a mystery of a white envelope and Siena wondering “was it the DNA results” that would be “central to the court case against Nick.” I want to know about this. I want to know what’s going on in the secret club. I can’t put the darn book down.
The story line continues full-bore with chapters beginning in italics about the Braille Club: the secret key and code, etc. The tension in the story doesn’t let up in this fast-paced action packed sensual mysterious combination of thriller and erotic read. Action burns off the pages with descriptions describing an envelope that felt like a “ticking bomb” to “fingers squeezing at the back of her neck” as we learn about the relationship between our protagonists. Siena and the terror she feels about her ex, Nick, who is in prison where any semblance of humanity has been rubbed out of him. Her husband Benedict who Nick has it in for. And the other cast of characters such as Guy the ex-cop who works for Siena and Benedict and Niven the gorgeous model who feels like she’s being watched. The scenes are made richer with the involvement of Siena’s twins: Leo and Reeva, giving her panic-struck character depth. The plot twists and turns as the characters develop with lurid sexual scenes imagined and real involving Guy and his ex Anna. Once in place, the tension and conflict continue and don’t let up until the last page. For my money, this is really good writing. The sexual scenes are inherent parts in moving along the storyline that’s as every bit human as the rest of us out here lusting over the pages before us. Kudos to the talented J.A. Kerr for pulling off another gripping well-written book.


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