6 Ways to Mad Men your Marketing!


Marketing is the holy grail to success. Nail your marketing and as they say, the rest is revenue.

  1. Visual stimulation. We all remember the diet coke adverts. Half naked buff man all hot and sweaty…just the memory has me smiling and yes, drinking diet coke to cool down.DIET COKESmart advertising is about leaving a visual memory. Embrace your inner Don Draper. Make your book advertising, visually memorable. Make your text short and snappy. Leave an impression. Variety is definitely the way to succeed.
  2. FREE PUBLICITY– USE IT, WORK IT, OWN IT! Approach your local newspaper and askPress story for  a feature. I did this  and saw my sale spike as a result. There is no one nosier than your neighbour. I bet they’ll be interested in your journey as an author and your books. Talking to a reporter may seem daunting but you can give away as little or as much as you like. Once you have this feature under your belt it will give you the confidence to approach other media outlets.
  3. Book bloggers are passionate about their obsession and many offer to provide an honest review of your work. They provide their time bloggerrevealand opinion free of charge in exchange for a copy of your book. The Book Blogger List bookbloggerlist.com provides a database of book blogs offering a variety of services. Book Reviews, Author Interviews and Author Spotlights. Take time to engage with these fellow book enthusiasts. There is one for every genre.They do an amazing job connecting new authors with new readers.
  4. takeoverAuthor Takeover’s are a fantastic way to reach readers and introduce them to your work. Interacting is fun and everyone loves a giveaway. This is a target rich environment and a good opportunity to showcase your books.
  5. Crosspromotion-if you scratch my back…. Helping and sharing other author’s workc5c6d-his2bconfession2bfront keeps, not only your social media posts fresh and interesting but offers them a new audience. You in turn benefit when they share your work. As they say “one mans meat is another mans poison”.Your book my appeal to some of their audience and  theirs to yours. Be brave enough to share and support your colleagues. Check out His Confession by S Valentine a fantastic read! https://amzn.com/B01BHBL69O
  6. Build your author platform. Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your readers and update them with all your author news. Secret chapters and bonus material is your way of thanking them. Check out my newsletter Go Oan! Go Oan! Go Oan! http://bit.ly/1RawSm3Newsletter banner

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