Sunday Author Feature with Stephanie Allen.

S allen

What happens when good girl Ruby meets lonesome, trouble maker Adam? Fireworks, of course. What started out as an innocent friendship quickly turned into the love of a lifetime. His growing rap sheet didn’t scare her away like her mother, the judge, hoped it would. Soon the line between true love and selfishness is blurred. Ruby had an ulterior motive for dating Adam, but did he have one for being with her?

Ruby finds out she’s pregnant the day that Adam takes a gun into his high school. Instead of staring at the tv waiting for news, she sneaks into the school determined to get answers. Adam’s suicide attempt failed when Ruby reached him just in time. 

Now, ten years later Adam and Ruby come face to face again at his parole hearing. Will she be able to get the answers she desperately needs for their daughter? Or will the families of his twelve victims get their own version of justice?

The question everyone asks after a tragedy is “why?” If You Say So brings light to the issue and how medication plays a part in these events. The story expands past the mental illness defense and touches on how the medicine for these illnesses are not always the right choice.

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