My Dream Writing Space…


My writing room never looks like this…normally there are at least four cups sitting on my desk. Most times my chair is full of washing. I hang it there after taking it out of the tumble dryer (yep my life is non-stop glamour) and it’s never that tidy…I’ve shoved everything else underneath my desk which was silly as you can still see it!

However, out of my tiny window, I can see my window box which I cram full of flowers. On my desk are flowers from my garden. As long as I can see beauty, and in my humble opinion flowers are stunning…I can write.

I have to write in complete silence which is hard with two teenage children who float in and out with their music blaring (I urge them to wear the expensive headphones they both demanded at Xmas only to be met with a shrug, “don’t know where they are” response) I resist the urge to enter their teenage caves, pick my way across their floor (a minefield of discarded clothes, food wrappers, and stuff) to locate them and ram them on their ears. 

But I don’t’ need to be at home to write. I get idea’s in the car or doing shopping. I note them down on my phone for later. I think it’s important to get as much stimulation as possible as writing is a very unsociable profession. Being at a party recently gave me a great idea for a 45-minute comedy play. It’s important to live your life as well as write. Balance is the key 🙂



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