Music I love…


When I’m listening to music it often inspires me to write a dance scene in my books. I adored Firestone by Kygo, anything dreamy and upbeat. I love music and I love to dance, but I am an 80’s chick to my core. I will boogie woogie all night long and can often be found doing just that, once a month at a great wee club in Glasgow called The Hip Replacement Club It’s cheesy tunes all night long. The drink is cheap as chips and the dancefloor is rammed with old foggies like me, doing their best moves.

An iconic song from my youth was Tinsel Town in the Rain by Blue Nile.

My other favourite is the fabulous George Michael. Been dancing and loving his music since his Wham days but couldn’t resist sharing my favourite video of Gorgeous George looking smoking hot…can feel a wee dance coming on 🙂

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