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J.A. Kerr ~A Wee Bit of Banter!

Ever heard that phrase? If you live in Glasgow like I do then it means talking, debating, discussing, engaging, airing your views… and it’s something we love to do and I’m no different.

When I set out to write these books, I wanted to create something that mirrored exactly the kind of books I like to read. My top picks are always originals, featuring strong male and female protagonists with attitude. Benedict is detached and an enigma until he meets Siena. She turns his world upside down and he suddenly reconnects. I can’t tell you how many readers tell me how they were gripped by their story. How they loved the originality of the other two stories running through the book and the mix of characters!
The Braille Club Series books are a great mix of genres. Although sensuality plays a big part, there is also intrigue and a touch of thriller.
Overall, the Braille Club series is designed to keep you turning the pages – for those adventurous enough to try!

I love to write and my first book The Braille Club, hopefully, leaves readers wanting more…so good job I’ve published the sequel, The Braille Club Unbound (book 2) for ease of identification. I have often bought a series of books and found it really annoying if I read them out of sequence by mistake. Hopefully my readers will not share this experience.

So in my opinion, The Braille Club is just a romance… like a diamond is just a stone!

I am going to be very cliché here and say that I did always have this book in my head, it was getting it out of there… that was the problem. It is only within the last fifteen months, slaving over a hot keyboard that I managed to get it down on paper.

My mum was an avid reader and I grew up reading a wide variety of genres some appropriate and some not but all with one thing in common… they were different. I like a story with a twist, with a clever plot and engaging characters, characters that I don’t want to say goodbye to… when I finish the book. I think The Braille Club delivers all of the above and more but don’t just take my word for it, check it out yourself.

I come from a big family consisting of six girls and one boy! People often ask me ‘What was it like with so many siblings?’ Well good if you wanted to borrow your sister’s clothes… but not so good when you wanted a biscuit. Literally in my household if you weren’t fast your were last and treats were gone in seconds…

As I mentioned I live in Glasgow with my husband and two kids and my life is busy with all that entails. The Braille Club has been a huge part of my life and with its publication the realization of a very personal dream. It is currently bringing a sparkle to the bookshelves on Amazon.

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