Book Swag Do Our Readers Want it?


BC Swag
Boutique Book Bag

I’ve just started on my new venture and it has been a real eye opener…book swag. This was a previously unknown concept to me and yet as an author, I’m hooked already. So many products to fall in love with. Getting your book cover on useful and lasting accessories, is without question the best kind of product placement. I know hotels give out complimentary pens and notepads (yes I always take them…I’m a writer after all) but do they jog our memories after our stay is over? I’m not convinced they do. However, what I do like is, they’re free, a little treasure which I can use.


I’m a book accessory Freak. I gasp and giggle over unusual bookmarks. I love phone cases that turn your high-tech communication tool, into a vintage book. I love keyrings with little books attached (if it was my book it would be even better). Do readers feel the same way?

I’d love to make up the ultimate Boutique Book Bag filled with all the goodies a reader really wants. I try to think what I would like in my ultimate book bag; A signed book is something unique and it definitely rings my bell. Bookmarks and wine charms are useful, so they would go in too. My key necklace is inspired from the Braille Keyholders in my book and a nice keepsake. I’m on a mission to find out what readers really want and I can’t wait to get started.


One thought on “Book Swag Do Our Readers Want it?

  1. Personally I love bookmarks – yes, I still love getting a paper edition of a book. Trading cards also make good bookmarks. Pens are very useful especially when you’re constantly losing them. But sometimes, I like surprises too.


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