My Book “Movie” Dream Cast

13105995_545514795621324_1270205044_oGillian MurphyMy movie cast would be very glamorous as creative director this is the least I can do. Now my lead would be played by the delicious Cillian Murphy. His eyes are just mesmerising….Benedict Harrison was based on him actually. I feel in love with those eyes.siena

My leading lady would be Rosie Huntington-Whitley. She’ s super sexy and with my characters unique and sultry personality…the film has already got all the ingredients for a show stopper.

GerryButlerNow add Gerry Butler to the mix and what can I say, except ladies you are in for a treat. My character Guy Walker fits Gerry perfectly. It doesn’t hurt he’s a fellow Scot.


Last but not least is Anna who is, let me just say, a character that will leave an impression. With a smoking hot storyline, this fiery temptress would suit the lovely Miss Cruz.

Well as Bugs Bunny says That’s All Folks!

Tune in next Friday for more of Sophia Valentine’s Blog Challenges 🙂

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