Script Writing and Why Television Needs New Writers

I have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of original stories being made for television. I’ve read some fantastic books that would  easily adapt, and yet they remain in the crowded market of literature. Of course, they are in esteemed company, but I wonder why we are seeing so many run of the television dramas. Is it because this is an established recipe, whilst not guaranteed to excite will provide essential nutrients?

Maybe I’m being greedy but I want more. I watched the drama, Happy Valley. In my opinion, it was superb television and others thought so too. It won awards and rightly so. I was gripped by Dr Foster although the idea wasn’t new, the format was. These jewels are few and far between. The industry needs new drama writers. Why is it the industry will bend over backward for comedy, and not for drama. Don’t get me wrong. I love comedy but I don’t remember it. Whereas a gripping drama leaves a deep impression.

This led me to looking at my own work. Comments like it would make a great film/drama series, got me thinking. Our country imports many drama serials, and tastes are wide and varied. I wouldn’t want that to stop but  I feel there is a need for fresh and orginal storylines. So I’ve started my script. I’m not sure what I’m doing but I know I will learn. I’m determined to bring some excitment back to our screesn . The Braille Club script is underway.


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